Cramer: Retail's got its groove back. Thanks, oil!

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The decline in gasoline has benefits beyond extra pocketed cash at the gas pump. Jim Cramer thinks that it has caused retail to get its groove back. Finally!

"I say hold your horses. First of all, the climate has become just about perfect for retail. And I don't just mean the chill in the air. I mean that with consumer sentiment through the roof, clicking at an astounding 89, you don't want to cut back on any retail holdings you have," said the "Mad Money" host.

What the heck does gasoline have to do with retail?

The cash saved at the pump goes right back into the pocket of the consumer. With holiday season approaching quickly, what better time to have extra money burning a hole in shoppers' pockets? Cramer thinks that the decline in gasoline has actually created a robust consumer sentiment.

There have been a few pleasant surprises in the retail arena lately that prompted the "Mad Money" host to speculate that stocks are just getting revved up. Macy's and Nordstrom cut forecasts at the end of the quarter, yet investors have been flocking to them anyway.

Cramer even thinks Wal-Mart will be headed higher, reaping a big tailwind from lower gasoline prices. Its stores are also improving with better stocking and more natural and organic food.

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"Let these run. They used to be tremendous growth vehicles for years and then for the longest time only Costco and Home Depot seemed to go higher. Because of gasoline, everyone is now joining the party," Cramer said.

Yes, there will be a time that the party will be overcrowded like a bad frat kegger. But right now Cramer thinks these stocks are just getting started, and investors should stick around to reap the benefits.

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