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Net neutrality explained stars

Funny or Die

If you are finding all this chatter about net neutrality a little bit confusing, three porn actresses would like to help you out.

In a semi-NSFW video clip by Funny or Die three adult entertainment actresses have broken down what exactly it will mean if the Federal Communication Commission doesn't protect net neutrality as it updates Internet traffic regulations.

The gist? Slower porn.

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"Without net neutrality, Internet service providers could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more," says actress Mercedes Carrera.

Actress Alex Chance adds "That means slow streaming, slow social networking, and yes, slow porn."

The actresses take aim at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who came out earlier this week against President Obama's call for net neutrality. In a tweet, Cruz called net neutrality "Obamacare for the internet."

The porn stars, however, see it a different way.

"Ted Cruz doesn't want me to get naked for you," said actress Nadia Styles in the video.

You can watch the full NSFW video here, but note there is some blurred nudity.

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By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter .

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