Cupertino Dentist Earns ICOC Diplomate Status

CUPERTINO, Calif., Nov. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Cupertino dentist has been awarded the highest level of recognition given by the world's largest dental implant organization. Dr. Randall LaFrom of LaFrom Dentistry was named a Diplomate by the International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOC) on August 22, 2014, making him the holder of the organization's most advanced degree. "It is a great honor to be rewarded for my ongoing studies and practical experience with this degree. I think it reflects our office's commitment to excellence and our desire to give our patients the best possible care," said Dr. LaFrom.

Dr. LaFrom describes the ICOC as an organization dedicated to helping its members advance the science and practice of implant dentistry through research, education, communication, awareness and support among practitioners and dental clinics. He adds that the ICOC's ongoing mission is to lead the world of implants dentistry as its largest single resource for the continuing education of dentists who offer this form of surgical restoration.

Dr. LaFrom notes that implant dentistry -- in which a metal "root" is surgically implanted and fused with the jawbone, then topped with a natural-looking crown -- is a sophisticated technique requiring considerable knowledge and care. "Dental implants are intended as permanent tooth replacements, so anything we implant dentists can do to hone our skills and knowledge will only contribute to the lasting satisfaction of our patients," he said.

Dr. LaFrom points out that he had already invested many years in the cultivation of such skills and knowledge before receiving his ICOC Diplomate. He recalls his very first dental school course in implant dentistry occurring in 1980. Six years later, he became involved in the San Jose Study Group, a group devoted to the study of implants and other forms of restorative dentistry -- an association, he says, that continued for 17 years and led to an intensive three-year study program with the San Jose Dental Implant Continuum. In the years leading up to his Diplomate, Dr. LaFrom earned a Fellowship and a Master's degree from the ICOC.

The ICOC imposes some stringent requirements for those interested in qualifying for Diplomate status, according to Dr. LaFrom. He states that applicants must have at least five years of experience performing dental implants on a specific number of patients. They must also have completed at least 150 hours of continuing education within the last five years and give an oral presentation with detailed discussions of five case histories, including "before" and "after" photos. A 150-question exam is also administered to applicants, with topics ranging from grafting and surgical procedures to restorative options and maintenance of dental implants.

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