CCTV Script 17/11/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on November 17, Monday.

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Stock market history is being made today with the launch of the Shanghai - Hong Kong stock connect.

It will allow investors on either side of the Chinese-Hong Kong border to buy and sell equities in each others market.

[Steven Sun, Head of China Equity Strategy at HSBC] "This is the beginning of the end of China's capital controls. This is a big step toward integrating capital markets between mainland China and Hong Kong. It's going to lead to one country, one market."

[NICHOLAS STUDHOLME-WILSON / VP & Snr Research Analyst at Sun Hung Kai Financial] "Today is about an economic and political milestone that we've achieved. I've been basically waiting for this since 2007, in a long time coming. But actually, the real benefits are further out, because this is very much about the opening of a capital market and internalization of the RMB."

Selected major institutions have had access to A-shares under China's QFII program since 2003...

But the Stock Connect will open just about 90% of Shanghai's total market cap to global investors.

With a daily limit of $3.8 billion in cross-flow purchases... and a limit of $2.1 billion placed on Hong Kong investors...

It's not clear just yet if stock gains will come immediately.

[Steven Sun, Head of China Equity Strategy at HSBC] "The success of this program should be measured in years rather than days and weeks. This is going to significantly change the institutional investors' participation in the domestic A-share market and hopefully [will] force improvement of better corporate governance. Over the long term, the fundamental-driven value investment style will be instilled in the domestic A-share market."

I'm Chen Qian, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters

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