American Truck Showrooms Charity Drive Benefiting Local Children's Shelter

GULFPORT, Miss., Nov. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Truck Showrooms employees in Gulfport, MS are hosting their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive for the local children's shelter. The previous year was such a success that, following Thanksgiving dinner, nonperishable food items were able to fill the pantries at the local children's shelter for weeks.

Donations will be accepted until November 25th, the date of delivery to the shelter. The American Truck Showrooms department with the most items will be rewarded with a company lunch.

Last year's event filled the children's shelter's dinner table and empty pantry. Ralph Cox, American Truck Showrooms' customer service representatives manager, had the privilege of helping to deliver the food collected last year. This opportunity gave him first hand knowledge of how the food drive benefits the children. "They had shown us the empty cupboards and refrigerators from where they simply ran out of food and the food bank was dry. They were being subsidized by the county jail until their donations came in. The food was bologna meat (three different colors), cheese singles and a few apples."

This year, employees are challenged to bring in twice as many nonperishable goods than last year. Those willing to take part in the food drive should contact the American Truck Showrooms dealership for more information on the event.

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Source:American Truck Showrooms, LLC