Medlert Inc. Announces Significant Platform Growth and Releases New Whitepaper

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the annual meeting of the American Ambulance Association (AAA), Medlert Inc. is announcing that some of the biggest names in the ambulance service industry—Acadian, EMSA, MetroAtlanta, MedStar Mobile Healthcare, and ProTransport-1—are now using Medlert Connect to schedule non-emergent medical transports.

Medlert Connect enables ambulance service providers to offer healthcare facilities a fast, secure, and cloud-based solution for ordering medical transports on mobile or web-enabled devices. Medlert Connect helps ambulance service providers improve operational and billing efficiency and reduce days outstanding, which improves cash flow.

"We are thrilled that Acadian, EMSA, MetroAtlanta, MedStar Mobile Healthcare, and ProTransport-1 are all using the Medlert Connect platform to schedule non-emergent medical transports," said David Emanuel, Medlert CEO and co-founder. "We've been getting great customer feedback. We are continuing to see tremendous interest in new technologies for scheduling medical transport such as the Medlert Connect platform."

During the AAA meeting, Medlert Inc. also released a new whitepaper, "The Future of the Ambulance Service Industry: Value-Focused, Consumer-Driven, & Mobile-Savvy," which offers analysis of major trends transforming the future of the ambulance service industry within the healthcare ecosystem.

The paper draws on a series of interviews with industry experts–including Don Jones, Glenn Leland, Jerry Overton, Ed Racht, and Matt Zavadsky–and research on trends in healthcare and mobile tech. The paper advocates for the ambulance service industry to embrace change, namely the move towards value-based payments, healthcare consumerism, and mobile technology.

The paper suggests that for the ambulance service industry to thrive in the future it must:

  • Determine the value of ambulance services for patients, healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and payers,
  • Meet the changing consumer demands of patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare organizations, and
  • Adopt and maximize the potential of mobile technology to help the industry become more efficient and innovative.

"We've spoken to a number of leaders in the ambulance service industry. We believe it's clear that the ambulance service industry has a critical role to play in the integrated, tech-savvy healthcare system of the future," said Emanuel. "The future of this industry will be determined by its ability to be adaptive and open-minded and to embrace the transformational changes that are taking place throughout healthcare."

Download the whitepaper, "The Future of the Ambulance Service Industry: Value-Focused, Consumer-Driven, & Mobile-Savvy" at:

About Medlert, Inc.

Medlert Inc. is a San Francisco-based software company that builds mobile and web, cloud-based solutions for the healthcare ecosystem, including the EMS industry. The Medlert Connect platform offers healthcare providers a seamless way to order ambulance transport and simplifies payment and paperwork. Medlert Connect is available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

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