Reterro Initiates Major Project at Port of Los Angeles

PLEASANTON, Calif., Nov. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reterro, Inc., an emerging green remediation leader in eliminating hydrocarbon contamination from soil and ongoing waste streams, announced today that it is beginning work on an extensive hydro-carbon remediation project at the Port of Los Angeles.

Reterro was chosen for the high-profile project by one of the world's largest environmental and infrastructure resources management companies and one of America's largest pipeline transportation and energy storage concerns. The combined annual revenues of the two industry leaders approach $20 billion.

The Port of Los Angeles project is one of the most extensive clean-ups at any commercial port in the United States. Analysts suggest that a successful outcome at the Port of Los Angeles could serve as a case study for many additional commercial ports with similar legacy clean-up needs.

The high-profile project is the second in the Los Angeles air basin for Reterro. Reterro has a proven track record of success on the West Coast and has recently initiated projects in Texas.

The Port of Los Angeles project addresses a former bulk terminal facility. The site is affected by gasoline, diesel and other hydro-carbon contaminants. As is the case with numerous projects, Reterro is providing the only practically deployable solutions for guaranteed, fast and cost-effective on-site treatment while meeting the highest standards regarding public health and safety.

"We are proud that Reterro has been selected to play such a critical role in the clean-up and ongoing sustainability of the Port of Los Angeles, one of the most critically important commercial points of entry in the United States," said Reterro Chief Executive Officer Ferdinand Seemann. "We believe strongly that the successful completion of this important engagement can serve as a guide to remediation and sustainability for dozens of other commercial ports in this country."

The Reterro Principle™, the company's proprietary methodology, cleans soil on-site – often within minutes per ton – and quickly, safely and cost-effectively meets the designated compliance standards for acceptability. Reterro's highly differentiated approach is typified by a small on-site footprint and flameless process that provides immediate certainty in safe waste-stream and soil remediation.

The Reterro Principle™ also dispenses with the need for trucking of contaminated soil from the original site across multiple jurisdictions. Public officials often prevent such shipments because of health and safety considerations related to fuel emissions and potential traffic accidents. One of the company's projects has been estimated to preclude the need for 2,800,000 miles of trucking contaminated shipments.

About Reterro

Reterro, Inc., provides the foremost compliant and curative green remediation solution for tens of thousands of locations worldwide that are government-mandated to clean ongoing hydrocarbon waste streams and undergo soil remediation for existing hydrocarbon contaminated waste. Uniquely effective in urban, populated and space-constrained environments in which health and safety restrictions prohibit any other competing technologies, Reterro is unrivaled in mobility, cost-effectiveness and speed-to-completion, with a record of 100% certainty of efficacy.

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