Now trending ... Bloomingdale's hashtag ring

Khai Khai Diamond Hashtag Ring
Source: Bloomingdale's
Khai Khai Diamond Hashtag Ring

Just in time for the holidays, Bloomingdale's is selling a piece of jewelry tailor-made for the social media age.

On its website, the luxury retailer is selling an 18-karat gold ring—prominently emblazoned with a 1-carat diamond hashtag. The ring, offered at a retail price of $825, is made by Khai Khai Jewelry, a New York-based designer that sells a host of upscale baubles.

For those untrained in the dark arts of social networking, the hashtag symbol is a prominent feature on Twitter that allows users to surf through various topics popular at the moment. Facebook also recently adopted the hashtag as a way of searching for trending topics.

In a twist of irony, Bloomingdale's is selling the Khai Khai's ring at a time when Twitter is making it easier for users to shop for things they mention in posts. In September, the site unveiled a feature that would let tweeters click a 'buy' button in tweets that mention retail items.

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