You'll never guess who's ruling the hedge fund world

Top hedge fund bets... How'd they do?

When it comes to hedge fund reporting, a great deal of ink is spilled covering the moves of highfliers like Third Point, Appaloosa, and Greenlight in the stock market.

But according to a recent survey, the real money on individual stock picking is being made by a host of less well-known funds that have managed to find investment gems even in battered sectors.

Whale Rock Capital Management, Matrix Capital Management, PAR Capital Management, Senator Investment Group, and Starboard Value appear to be the top stock pickers for the fourth quarter so far, according to regulatory filings and performance-based skill assessments conducted by Symmetric, a New York-based research firm.

In determining the current rankings, Symmetric also factored in the consistency of upside over one- and three-year periods, looking for hedge funds that showed impressive stock-investment results at a time when many of their peers were struggling to do so.