Nabs Latest Recognition

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, makers of the world's only fully-automatic botanical extractor designed to pull plant nutrients directly into butter, cooking oils, alcohol (tinctures) and lotions, is proud to announce that the CEO and founder of the company has recently been named to CNBC's Next List for his outstanding work and commitment within the cannabis industry.

CNBC's Next List recognizes rebels, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are working to reimagine their respective industries. Having been recognized for his incredible work within the medicinal marijuana industry, Garyn views this honor as a dream come true for not only himself and for the company. CNBC selects these honorees based on what they have contributed to any of today's global challenges. They believe that this selective group of men and women are "ahead of their time" and will be the "next generation" to reshape all of society with technology, business, finance and science.

Garyn Angel started originally to help a friend who was suffering from Crohn's disease. In just a short time, it has transformed from a single product to a complete empire that has opened the door for the cannabis industry. With the launch of their flagship product, The Samich Truck, their charity organizations and their constant desire to grow, it is no surprise that Garyn Angel has earned such an honor. CNBC's Next List represents people who have impacted lives today and who will continue to leave a great impact 25 years from now.


The idea for MagicalButter was born over a few beers while Garyn Angel was watching football with friends. One of his friends has Crohn's disease, and was telling Garyn that traditional medicines had not been working for him. This friend had read online that certain herbs could help patients with Crohn's disease, so he tried inhaling and even vaporizing these herbs, but felt that "smoking" was unhealthy. Garyn suggested that his friend try cooking with oil and/or butter infused with these specific herbs, and after several failed attempts due to a somewhat complicated cooking process, Garyn began contemplating a way he could help. Garyn had what inventors call their "Eureka moment" and sketched out a design for a device to automate the cooking process, and voila…MagicalButter was born.

Mr. Angel is extremely passionate about his company's philanthropic efforts to help patients in need of marijuana's medicinal benefits. Over the past year, MagicalButter's charity, Cheers to Goodness, has donated money to families like Landon Riddle and Vivian Wilson to help them relocate to an area where cannabis treatment for their Leukemia and Dravet Syndrome is available. Slowly but surely, foundations like Cheers to Goodness will be making a difference to families who need their sick children to have quality of life.

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