Pilots report sighting drones flying near JFK

Philipp Guelland | Getty Images

Multiple pilots have spotted unmanned aircraft flying too close to their plane.

One of the pilots saw a drone not for far from the John F. Kennedy airport flying at approximately 400 feet high, NBC 4 reported Wednesday, citing U.S. officials.

Two other another aircraft operators also reportedly sighted drone flying too close to them earlier this week while flying crossing over Nassau County near JFK

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Nassau County police officers could not locate a devices or their operators. FBI and FAA officials are investigating the incident, the report said.

On Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board said the FAA's ban on careless or reckless flying extended to small unmanned drones, not just traditional planes.

The FAA is working on specific regulations to govern drones, which are banned from commercial use without a special exemption.

Read the full report from NBC 4 NY.