Family Affair: Rise of the Mittelstand


How Sennheiser kept it in the family
How Sennheiser kept it in the family

Founded: 1945
Location: Wedemark, Germany
Employees: 2,542 (2013 average)

A family company throughout, Sennheiser was founded by Fritz Sennheiser in 1945 after the end of World War Two.

Initially called Laboratorium Wennebostel – shortened to Lab W – the company has gone on to become a world leader in the design and production of a range of innovative sound products including microphones, headphones (pictured) and headsets.

With around 2,542 employees worldwide and a turnover of 590.5 million euros, Sennheiser is a global force but has stuck to its family roots, with two Sennheisers – Andreas and Daniel – acting as CEOs. "We're a true family company," Daniel Sennheiser told CNBC.

The business puts a huge emphasis on quality. "We manufacture a lot ourselves, way more than maybe economically makes sense sometimes, just because the quality and also the education of the production workers is something we [put]… a very special focus on," Andreas Sennheiser said.