CCTV Script 20/11/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on November 20, Thursday.

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Political pundits are warning of a showdown on Capitol Hill.

That's after US president Barack Obama said he would unveil executive orders on immigration reform... making good on one of his key election promises.

The changes are expected to protect millions of illegal immigrations from deportation, and are likely to spark anger from the Republican party, who accuse the president of overstepping his authority.

And, according to the latest NBC/WSJ poll, Obama's stance is not one most Americans support.

Our new NBC news WSJ poll shows that President Obama is walking into risky political territory with the executive action on immigration that he plans to announce on Thursday. That's because a 48% plurality of Americans say they oppose action by the president even though they broadly share his goals to provide an eventual path to citizenship for those now in the country illegally. Among Whites 55% oppose the action, Latinos are split with 43% in favor, 37% against, African Americans are the on demographic ratio group that overwhelmingly favors what the President is talking about doing. Otherwise, the poll shows that American political attitudes haven't changed very much after the mid-term elections that gave the Republicans such a big victory in Senate races as well as House races. President Obama's approval rating ticked up to 44%, that's slightly above what it was a few months ago. Two-thirds of the country still think that the nation is on the wrong track that's been true all year, when you ask people whether or not they want Congress or President Obama to take the lead in setting policy for the country, 56% majority say they want Congress to do that. That is almost precisely what people said in 2006, after the Democrats won mid-term elections when George W. Bush is President. so that is typical for the aftermath of mid-term elections. One surprising result as you did see that 52% of the American people say they want the government to do more even though the Republican, the party that is less disposed to government action won that election. It is going to be interesting to see how President Obama and Republicans deal with the backlash to the President's immigration order and whether or not the President and his fellow democrats can make it work to their advantage. Back to you.

I'm Chen Qian, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters

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