Genclis SAS Coordinate a Roundtable in a Molecular Allergology Seminar

NANCY, France, Nov. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Genclis, a molecular diagnostic company in the fields of allergy and cancer, will attend the 2nd French Molecular Allergology Seminar in Paris on November 22 and 23 ( Dr. Sandrine Jacquenet, Director of the Allergy franchise at Genclis, will chair a roundtable on drug and food allergies linked to the alpha-gal molecule.

This seminar is organized for biologists and clinicians to share their knowledge and work on molecular allergology. This new, emerging practice identifies and studies allergens at the molecular level and leads to the development of new precise and robust diagnostic products such as those developed by Genclis.

Pr. Anne Monneret-Vautrin, MD, Emeritus Professor of Immuno-Allergology and member of the Academy of Medicine and scientific advisor to Genclis, said: "In collaboration with Genclis, we have confirmed and expended Pr. Platts-Mills' discovery of the molecular origin of allergies to certain meats which are also associated to severe allergic reactions to Erbitux, a commonly used anti-cancer drug". She added: "This work on the alpha-gal molecule confirms the potential of new allergy molecular diagnostic approaches".

Stéphane Boissel, CEO of Genclis, added: "The development of specific, component-based allergens is one of our strategic priorities and we ambition to build an IVD catalogue covering 90% of European allergens by 2016". He added: "Allergy to drugs is a serious public health concern as it could lead to severe, sometimes fatal, side effects to therapies. Molecular diagnostic of these allergies is a relatively unexplored field in which Genclis is a pioneer".

About Genclis: Genclis is a molecular diagnostic company in the fields of allergy and cancer. Started in 2004, the Company initiated the commercialization of its allergy molecular diagnostic tests in 2014.

In the field of cancer diagnostic, Genclis based its development on the concept of DNA/RNA divergences due to transcription infidelity, an original, proprietary disruptive science. This science has already led to encouraging results in the severity prognostic of triple negative breast cancer ("TNBC"), a severe form of breast cancer. Genclis intends to rapidly impose its solution, Severidia©, as a standard for oncologists to offer their patients alternative treatment and monitoring options.

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