Hopewell Therapeutic Farm CEO Encourages a "Gratitude Attitude" To Get Us Through the Holidays

Mesopotamia, Ohio, Nov. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rick Karges, executive director and CEO at Hopewell, a therapeutic farm community for adults, offers sound advice when it comes to dealing with depression during the holidays.

"Giving thanks and sharing our gratitude with others is what the holidays represent," says Karges. "It is an investment in our mental wellness that is well worth making all year round."

The holiday season tends to be depressing for many. "Perhaps we become too preoccupied with the misfortunes and negative aspects of life," Karges points out. "Conversely, we take for granted the abundance and blessings available to us."

According to Karges, "The holidays are a perfect time to express our gratitude to others. It is an emotionally healthy habit to develop and refine. During this time of year, we should see obstacles as challenges, challenges as opportunities and achievement as progress." Karges believes fostering a "gratitude attitude" in more of what we do and say on a day-to-day basis will deliver both direct and subtle positive emotional returns. "This is a formula for realizing more meaning and reward in life," he stated.

Hopewell is a 300-acre residential working farm located in Mesopotamia, Ohio, where adults learn to manage their mental illness and return to independent life. Hopewell is the only residential mental health facility in Ohio that provides a unique combination of treatment-based and community-centered care. Visit www.hopewell.cc.


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