Memphis Pastor Hosts Special Tribute & Thanksgiving Service Honoring the Life and Ministry of Prominent Minister, Dr. Myles Munroe, His Wife Ruth, Pastor Richard Pinder and Six of Their Ministry Colleagues

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DJ Roker, founder and lead pastor of Redemptive Life Church in Memphis, Tennessee, plans to join hundreds of Munroe's associates throughout the United States and around the world, by hosting a Special Tribute & Thanksgiving Service, Sunday, Nov. 23, 10 AM at Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites - Wolfchase, to honor the life and ministry of his Mentor and Pastors Dr. Myles Munroe and Pastor Richard Pinder. The event is open to the public.

Roker joined Bahamas Faith Ministries in 1980, at the age of four, along with his mother and other siblings. He recalls being part of the church's first children's ministry, and later went on to attend the youth ministry directed by Dave "Ruff Neck" Burrows and his wife Angela. "It was under Dr. Munroe's ministry that I discovered my purpose at age 17," said the Bahamian-born pastor, who now calls Memphis his home. By the age of 19, he accepted his call to the ministry and was ordained an elder in a ceremony officiated by Dr. Munroe and the presbytery of BFM Fellowship. "Pastor Myles pushed me to succeed and always supported my work; he was one of the first to give me a scholarship when I left the Bahamas to attend college. He was by right my spiritual father."

As Munroe's travel itinerary increased, he took a more mentorship role in the young minister's life. "Whenever I needed him, he was there, but Pastor Pinder (aka Pastor Rich), did most of the pastoring. He was my spiritual advisor, confidant, and a personal friend. Rich and I spent a tremendous amount of time talking through the direction of ministry, and some of its challenges, this is still a hard pill to swallow," says Pastor Roker. "I knew everyone on that flight, with the exception of Mr. Santiago from California," who was a translator and a protégé of the prominent minister. "Today, I believe Dr. Munroe has over two hundred spiritual sons and daughters worldwide who carry his spiritual DNA; we all know what we have to do. The baton has been passed and the mantle has been transferred, it's up to us now."

DJ Roker is lead pastor of Redemptive Life Church in Memphis, TN. He is a husband, father, author, activist and spiritual teacher. He lives with his wife (Erica) and daughters near Memphis.

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