Police Foundations Students Go Hi-Tech with SceneDoc

Ashburn, VA, USA, Nov. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seneca College, a post-secondary institution in Toronto, ON Canada is committed to ensuring their students have experience using the technology they will need in the workforce. Police Foundations students in the Forensic Crime Scene Investigation course are using the latest technology to learn how to document mock crime scenes. This past semester the students have been introduced to SceneDoc, a mobile investigative management software system designed for smartphones and tablets.

The software allows students to take evidentiary photography and annotate them, complete electronic forms, create scene drawings, add video/audio files and take keyboard-inputted or voice recorded notes. The data then streams to a server in near-real time for storage, retrieval and collaboration. The end state is a field-based report that is exported into a single secure PDF that can be shared instantaneously without having to go back to the car or to the office.

Kevin Bryan, a Seneca Professor and 30-year veteran Detective with York Regional Police, states, "This type of technology is the path of the future in policing and it is great to see our students working ahead of the curve. It is very exciting to see the students so eager and enthusiastic to employ this new tool and I hope its use expands throughout the program and into the real world." Professor David Juck, a 40-year Forensic Investigations veteran went on to say, "This exciting mobile technology advancement makes for a new 'hands on' approach to assist students to learn about forensics and directly apply theory to reality."

Seneca College is the first post-secondary institution in Canada to introduce SceneDoc into the classroom. SceneDoc's Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Adrian Bubalo has been intimate with the college throughout the rollout to harness a deep understanding of the education use case of the software. "It's been rewarding to see the students really take into the technology and it's been a privilege to work with a faculty centered on innovation. This experience has not only been a testament to SceneDoc's ease-of-use but the fact that the next wave of public safety professionals are going to expect mobile technology to be core to the documentation process. Gone are the days of pen and paper."

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SceneDoc is the global leader in mobile investigative management software. SceneDoc is a smartphone/tablet-based software platform that provides law enforcement and a variety of public safety personnel a highly secure, accurate and consistent means of documenting crime, accident and other incident scenes. Comprised of a highly configurable mobile application together with cloud-based data backup and administration, SceneDoc is the proven solution-of-choice for governments and enterprises around the globe.

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