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Cramer's gameplan comes with a warning

Cramer: Stick with what's working

Be careful, Cramerica.

Jim Cramer warned that even though the Dow, NASDAQ and climbed higher on Friday, we are not in the clear.

"You need to remember, their weakness is not our weakness, and their strength is not our strength," the "Mad Money" host said.

Yes, it is wonderful that the Chinese lowered interest rates and there were promises coming from the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi.

"But until we actually see the gigantic infrastructure of jobs in the decrepit sewers and polluted wastelands that engulf China, until we see that the Germans spend $500 billion to stimulate their economy—something that Angela Merkel's government appears unwilling to do—you need to be careful, " Cramer warned.

The "Mad Money" host does not want to see investors get too excited and start paying up for stocks like Caterpillar and Cummins at high prices. In fact, he recommended purchasing GM on the basis that it is not as horrendous as most think.

In preparation for next week, Cramer recommended that investors keep an eye on what is going on in Washington with the president fighting with the Republicans again. Such political dramas can cause a nasty, market-wide selloff, and that could happen again.

With these caveats in mind, here are some of the stocks that Cramer will have his eye on for next week:

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Palo Alto Networks and Workday: These are two of Cramer's absolute favorite—and most expensive—stocks. At these prices, though, he advises investors pass.

Cracker Barrel: Though the "Mad Money" host is not a huge fan of having a giant piece of cheese on his apple pie, many Americans are. This stock has been on fire recently, thanks to low gas prices, and Cramer expects it will report a terrific quarter.

Hewlett-Packard: "This company is doing so many things right that I can't even count them all."

Seadrill: Now this is one nasty stock that Cramer thinks will explain why so many offshore drillers have been horrendous. This is a dangerous stock, because of the plethora of new rigs coming online and the low price of oil.

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Thursday: "Go be with your family—heaven knows that's what I'l be doing, and I mean it when I say that"

Japan will also be issuing number on Thursday and Friday, and Cramer expects them to be hideous as usual. Just remember—their weakness is not our weakness.

So yes, there is somewhat good news drifting overseas from China and Europe, but until investors see concrete actions being taken, don't get too excited. The U.S. market is about U.S. stocks, and stick to stocks that don't have too much international exposure. Stick to what's working, and be cautious about everything else.

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