Which lingerie image will make you wanna click 'buy'?

Sex may not sell as well as A/B testing.

Model wearing Adore Me lingerie
Adore Me

On its website, lingerie dealer Adore Me uses images of different models and poses to see which is most likely to result in the viewer clicking "buy," according to a story on fastcompany.com.

"We see the impact of each picture in some sort of parallel process," Adore Me CEO Morgan Hermand-Waiche said.

This is not a new phenomenon. This practice is called A/B testing. It's a process that is used by major companies and organizations such as Netflix, Google and even President Barack Obama's campaign.

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Does it work? Apparently so. Through testing, Adore Me has found that the right model matters more than the right price. Customers tend to buy an article of clothing that is on the model they like the best. The pose also matters: The same product shot on the same model in a different pose can change sales a few percentage points.

What seems to be mundane tinkering translates into major sales. In four years Adore Me has brought in $5.6 million in revenue, matching competitors like La Perla.

Read the full story on Fast Company.