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Consumer watchdog's 10 'worst' toys for kids

"SWAT Electric Machine Gun" by Junxing Toys Industrial Co.

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Toy WATCH list

A trip to the emergency room could be avoided if certain toys stay out children's reach this holiday season. According to consumer watchdog World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), 10 toys reveal the type of marketing, packaging and product design to watch out for before making a purchase.

This year's roundup features toys that are "designed and marketed for sales over safety," WATCH said. They may seem exciting to play with, but parents may not notice hidden hazards that could lead to potentially harmful consequences. There were about 265,000 toy-related injuries in 2012, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

When CNBC reached out to the companies of the 10 ranked toys for comment, Walmart, JC Toys and Norman & Globus responded, saying their toys passed safety regulations and tests and that the companies take product safety compliance very seriously. Other toy companies did not immediately respond to CNBC inquiries for comment.

The Toy Industry Association, which represents toy manufacturers, said in a statement that unlike WATCH, toy safety is a priority everyday of the year rather than just a ranking for one day a year. "Members of the toy industry are intent on assuring that the toys consumers bring into their homes are safe for their families" and the Association ensures that "U.S. toy safety standards remain the most protective in the world," the release said.

—By Hailey Lee, Special to CNBC

Posted 21 Nov. 2014