Cramer's recipe for high prices in 2015

When Jim Cramer was a hedge fund manager, he was looking to spend. Give him a thesis, any thesis, and he was a buyer!

This is exactly the mind frame demonstrated by money managers who are desperate to put cash to work and scrounge up new ideas and reasons to make a good buy.

They are finding them in spades, too, with the market rallying yet again on Monday.

Cramer knows that with the year ending quickly, we are dealing with a limited window of time to jump in and get some performance. All of the opportunity with cheap prices right now are a perfect recipe for prices to go higher in 2015.

So, to make it easier for the money managers to jump into this window of opportunity, he went sector by sector to highlight the buying opportunities that just waiting to be worked right now.

First up is technology. Apple is going higher and higher, which means that consumers are still willing to spend money on technology. Cramer recommended Skyworks Solutions, which just reported a great number, and the stock has not moved, yet.

The Apple flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC
The Apple flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York.

Goldman Sachs just upped its numbers for Micron, which means that Cramer thinks that the P.C. industry is doing well, too. The stocks under the P.C. umbrella cover everything from Intel to Microsoft to Hewlett-Packard, Seagate and Sandisk.

"You might even be willing to reach down to a laggard like IBM. When I see it up a couple of bucks, I get suspicious that an activist is taking a stake," the "Mad Money" host added.

Or how about social media? Though most are spinning with the thought that Alibaba has stolen their mojo, there could still be a few out there. Smart stocks like Domino's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Starbucks have all grasped the idea of the importance of social media in their business model.

"Sure, Google didn't show spending discipline. Facebook seems to be doubted ever since the WhatsApp overpay. And Twitter needs a new CEO, as this Dick Costolo guy doesn't have the gravitas. But these could all be justified. There's simply too many reasons to buy them."

Even the banking complex is a cheap space right now. Bank of America is an ideal stock for a bullish money manager who thinks this bank is still stuck in the dark ages.

Cramer also added that the consumer discretionary plays are making a comeback, thanks to gasoline and jobs. With worries about the economy fading, consumers can afford to spend a little extra cash.

Industrials seem to also have the perfect combination of strength, with Europe's weakness starting to ease and China keeping its head above water. Maybe even Japan, too.

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Now to address the ugliest part of the S&P 500: energy. Yes, it's bad and keeps going lower. But Cramer thinks the OPEC meeting on Thursday could be the beginning of the end of Saudi over-pumping and suspects that Venezuela or Nigeriamay cut back production in order to let the price of oil rise again. Perhaps there is some opportunity in the energy space, after all?

There are so many portfolio managers who have missed the boat on the market, here is your chance. There is a limited window of opportunity here, however Cramer is giving you a thesis to buy. This market is giving even more reasons to buy than it has in the whole year, and that is a recipe for high prices going into 2015.

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