LG CNS Announces an EHR Interoperability With SoftWriters' FrameworkLTC(R) Pharmacy Management Software

GEORGETOWN, Texas, Nov. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Collain Healthcare (healthcare.lgcns.com), an LG CNS Company, announced on November 1st that the LG CNS EHR solution for long-term and post-acute care providers has achieved integration with the FrameworkLTC pharmacy management solution from SoftWriters, whose technology is currently deployed in over 425 independent LTC pharmacies. This integration enables LG CNS customers to further reduce medication administration errors by streamlining order entry. This results in operational efficiency and enhanced accuracy, which improves resource utilization and helps providers deliver better outcomes for patients. This latest integration marks another milestone for LG CNS, adding to decades of experience in large-scale, complex healthcare technology integrations and its commitment to delivering highly configurable, rapidly deployable and massively scalable systems for any organization.

"Pharmacy service providers using FrameworkLTC can now take advantage of this standards-based integration for added efficiency, enhanced user experience, and a more rigorous approach for compliance," offered Dr. Maryann Choi, CEO, Collain Healthcare. "This latest achievement aligns with our commitment to delivering a holistic and comprehensive platform for all long-term and post-acute care providers. As a physician and health policy advocate, I am proud that we continue to move the industry forward on this promise, to help providers improve outcomes for patients," Choi added. Heather Martin, VP of Sales and Marketing at SoftWriters applauds LG CNS for prioritizing connectivity via FrameworkErx, SoftWriters' NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 compliant direct interface product. By utilizing this interface methodology, providers can maximize the standard, bi-directionally sharing all available message types, while achieving significant comparative cost savings.

About Collain Healthcare

Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS company, is headquartered in Georgetown, TX, and is the exclusive US provider of LG CNS Healthcare Solutions. Led by a physician, the leadership team is comprised of expert operators and clinicians with deep knowledge across the continuum of care to collaborate and innovate for better long term post-acute care technology and care delivery, transforming expectations for both providers and patients. LG CNS has created the fastest growing long term post-acute care EHR platform in the country, developed from the ground-up in the modern healthcare reform era. LG CNS Solutions include a comprehensive EHR for nursing homes, assisted living, home health and hospice providers, patented Smart Point of Care System, CRM tool, Analytics and Interactive Virtual Care population health solutions, rapid implementation, integration and interoperability solutions. For more information, call 888-501-4118 or visit healthcare.lgcns.com.

SoftWriters, Inc. is the independent and proven pharmacy management software provider for pharmacies offering LTC, home care, med synchronization, group home and 340B pharmacy services. SoftWriters' highly configurable solutions enable pharmacies to streamline processes, save time, and ultimately enhance patient care while implementing pharmacy workflow and customer service their way. Learn more at www.frameworkltc.com or call 412.492.9841. FrameworkLTC® is a registered trademark of SoftWriters, Inc.

CONTACT: Media Contact: Robert Choi, Chief Strategy Officer rchoi@collain.com (888) 501-4118

Source:Collain Healthcare, LLC-- anLG CNS Company