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Quirky holiday gifts you can buy without cash


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How bitcoin is stealing Christmas

Holiday season may be better classified as spending season—not just for the gifts you'll likely be purchasing but for food, travel and all of the other little things that add up to a very big bill.

What's different about this particular holiday season is that it's easier to do much of that spending via the burgeoning digital currency bitcoin. Websites dedicated to bitcoin sales are popping up at the same time as increasing numbers of established retailers, both online and offline, are accepting bitcoin.

Here is a guide on how to make holiday purchases—from the oddest stocking stuffers to the most practical cost savers—for the growing consumer class of bitcoin bugs. We've compiled eight ways to spend while invoking Ebeneezer Scrooge's "bah humbug" when thinking about the world of central banks, paper money and inflation and dreaming of making them a ghost of holiday spending past.

Nicholas Duva, special to CNBC
Posted 25 Nov. 2014

Philippe Lopez | AFP | Getty Images