Concerned That the CFPB is Denying Affordable Legal Services to Americans and Allowing Bank Collectors to "Robo" File Thousands of Lawsuits, Morgan Drexen Issues Open Letter to Attorneys Nationwide

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Concerned that recent actions taken by the CFPB will eliminate affordable legal services for disadvantaged Americans, Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems, a nationwide leader in legal administrative support services ( today issued an Open Letter to attorneys nationwide, to send the message to legislators and CFPB Director Richard Cordary that any action to restrict affordable legal services should be absolutely "off limits."

The letter posted on the Morgan Drexen website and sent to attorneys throughout the country, ( gives a peak into the problem of nationwide debt which is now estimated to total more than $11 trillion dollars. The letter goes on to point out that nearly 15% of those in debt are being pursued by credit collectors.

According to publications citing the CFPB itself, this is a very difficult time for Americans who are struggling financially. In recent years, credit card companies have harnessed the power of "mass production" by using debt collection firms who create "debt collection factories" with hundreds of support personnel robo-filing thousands of lawsuits against individuals and families who do not have the money to hire their own attorney.

"This is a big problem, and it is made worse when companies such as Morgan Drexen, which supports attorneys who are helping struggling consumers, are being attacked by the CFPB as well," said Morgan Drexen CEO Walter Ledda, "Our company has had a well-documented battle with the CFPB which we believe hasn't exactly been operating in the best interest of Americans considering their use of 'Operation Choke Point' tactics against numerous industries including ours."

According to the Open Letter there is a clear concern of the company that, "in the past 24 months, the very people the CFPB was created to help are being hurt as the CFPB fights to eliminate companies like Morgan Drexen, who provide support services to attorneys, which in turn, allows access to the one thing that can actually help struggling Americans – affordable legal services to combat the abusive tactics being used by skilled, efficiently trained bank collectors."

Ledda added, "Our company is here to help ensure that an affordable legal service option exists. What our company does is help consumer rights attorneys level the playing field by providing administrative support staff who use our technology-driven software to lower a law firm's cost, which in turn, puts legal services within reach of those who would not have been able to afford it otherwise."

Morgan Drexen's Open Letter encourages attorneys to stand up to the CFPB and makes a clear point of its purpose, stating "As a group our message will be unmistakable; affordable legal care for disadvantaged Americans must remain readily available throughout all 50 states, free of restrictions and burdens placed upon it by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."

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