Successful live fire demonstration of 40mm Airburst Ammunition by Nammo at Ft Benning/GA, USA.

RAUFOSS, Norway, Nov. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nammo has developed and qualified smart ammunition to offer a solution to the Anti-Defilade ammunition requirement from the US Army.

During a successful Mk19 Crew Combat Systems demonstration at the NSA range/FtBenning, GA, Nammo's Air Burst capability was the clear highlight for everyone present.
Smart and reliable; the Nammo 40mmx53 HV Air Burst round is the latest technology available for the Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) Mk19 system that provides users with capability to defeat targets in a urban warfare scenario.

Since the introduction of the Mk19's and the associated ammunitions portfolio, Nammo's 40mm Airburst solution adds a new dimension to it. Providing new or existing PPHE or HEDP 40mm ammunition with Air Burst capability.
Nammo's ammunition is modular, and will also enable the US Army to rework the M430 A1 inventory.

A successful live fire demonstration of Nammo's 40mmx53 HV Air Burst capability was recently held at the NSA/Ft Benning range in Georgia, USA. The demonstration was attended by US Army, USMC and SOCOM. Existing 40mmx53 HV users could both see and test fire the ammunition to experience its extreme precision and reliable effect including the self-destruct function.
The demonstration included a comprehensive series of successful firings in single shot and burst mode against static targets located at 350m and 500m.

"We wanted our customers to get a hands-on experience and to know what to expect from our products, the easy integration with Fire Control Systems, the minimal weapon modification, and how they perform in a tactical situation. I am pleased to say that our products performed as expected and we are very satisfied with the results. The response from the audience was extremely positive, confirming the demonstration to be a great success," said Jan Hasslid, Marketing & Sales, Nammo.

The potential for all surface combat and training ammunition in the coming years has increased, not the least with regards to the easy upgrade of Mk19's which already is attracting a high level of interest. The 40mmx53 HV Air Burst ammunition is the next level for users who already have great experience with and confidence in the AGL systems like the Mk19 or the H&K GMG.

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Source: Nammo AS