The Difference Between the Whole 30 Diet and Diet Doc's Medical Weight Loss Programs

NEWARK, N.J., Nov. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People throughout the country waste millions of dollars each year in search of the best diet, oftentimes losing a few pounds initially and then reaching a weight loss plateau. Because most people do not understand how the body reacts to specific foods, they become discouraged when weight loss tapers and abandon their diet.

With this in mind, Diet Doc created their medical weight loss programs that are all-inclusive. Patients are never alone and can always turn to their Diet Doc doctor, nurse, nutritionist or nutritional coach to answer the tough questions. Because each patient's weight loss journey is supervised and monitored with weekly checkup calls, weight loss plateaus are quickly identified, diet plans are modified and the metabolism is quickly reset and placed back into fast burn mode.

The Whole 30 diet plan and Diet Doc both endorse cleansing the body of dangerous toxins while bad habits are broken and the brain is reprogrammed. Eliminating carbohydrates and fatty, sugar laden foods are important. While both plans are similar in many respects, the real difference between the Whole 30 diet and Diet Doc is that, the Whole 30 diet offers their patients a printed guide to weight loss, while Diet Doc works personally with their patients to design meal and snack plans that are unique to each patient's individual nutritional and medical needs, making planning a balanced, nutritious meal easier.

Even those dieters with the best laid plans may find that intense food cravings, between meal hunger and loss of energy can easily sabotage their weight loss goals. A major difference between the Whole 30 diet and Diet Doc is that, after an extensive health evaluation and online, face-to-face doctor consultation, qualified patients can choose to alleviate these nagging side effects with specially formulated prescription hormone treatments, exclusive diet pills and appetite suppressants.

Another distinct difference between the Whole 30 diet and Diet Doc's medical weight loss programs is that Whole 30 encourages dieters to gather a support team of friends and relatives who will be there when the going gets tough. Diet Doc, on the other hand, pairs their patients with a nutritional coach who is eager to answer questions, offer suggestions or simply to lend their unlimited support, guidance and encouragement. In-house surveys indicate that much of Diet Doc patients' success is due to this personal attention and support.

Diet Doc understands that people in America are eager to find a diet plan that will help them reach their weight management goals without risking their health. Diet Doc has created that diet plan and encourages those in any part of the country to call to schedule a confidential and free consultation.

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