Call me maybe with these smart gloves

Remember the phrase, "talk to the hand," well now that may just be possible with these Bluetooth smart gloves.

Consumer electronics company Maze Exclusive released a pair of smart gloves that allows its users to make a phone call without having to hold the phone to their ear. Instead, they can answer a call through their fingertips.

A user would need to first connect their smart gloves via Bluetooth to their mobile device. The Bluetooth handset is built into the left glove and the power button to activate it is located on the front of it. The gloves are compatible with any smartphone that has Bluetooth functionality, according to the company.

Bluetooth Smart Gloves
Source: Maze Exclusive
Bluetooth Smart Gloves

There is also built-in voice dialing and built-in LED lights that flash when on a call. Another feature is that the gloves will vibrate when the user is 10 feet away from their phone.

The smart gloves, for $90 on the company's website, only work in a 40-foot operating range and can last up to 20 hours of conversation per charge.

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They come in two sizes, medium and large, and a user may not want to throw these gloves in the washing machine as they are dry-clean only.