Lanesborough MA Musters Townspeople's Talents to Create Year-Long 250th Anniversary Celebration of History, Culture & Community

BOSTON, Nov. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With smoke curling lazily from Lanesborough, Massachusetts' chimneys dotting mountainsides, valleys, and lakeside, in the shadow of Mount Greylock, the Commonwealth's tallest peak, visitors may get the impression that residents are hibernating under the blanket of snow from the recent blizzard. "Don't let the tranquility fool you!" states Lanesborough's Stephanie Abrams, nationally broadcast travel show host, communications award-winner and member of Lanesborough's 250th Anniversary Committee, creating events to celebrate the town's 1765 incorporation. Abrams describes committee members as "enthusiastically passionate about this quintessential New England town," population 3056, creating year-long events to provide locals and visitors with memorable celebrations starting December 7th at 4pm at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, "The Old Stone Church," with a Christmas Tree Lighting and Caroling. Martha Freedman, History Subcommittee member curating a spring exhibition at Lanesborough's Newton Memorial Town Hall, celebrating its 100th year in 2015, presented a document proving that St. Luke's was the site of the first Christmas Tree Lighting in New England on Christmas Eve 1875. Plans are afoot to make the Christmas Tree Lighting an annual event. 250th Calendar updates will be posted at

Lanesborough's Board of Selectmen approved use of the 250th logo Stephanie Abrams designed and offered to the town for non-exclusive use. 250th programs include a Victorian Valentine Ball, sporting events reflecting Josh Billings' spirit, a flotilla on Pontoosuc Lake and a hike on historic Constitution Hill. Asked about her contribution to festivities, Abrams explains, "I've invited renowned musical historian, Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones to perform a program of American-Irish musical history on June 2nd at our 250th Gala Musical Dinner Celebration at Lanesborough's Skyline Golf Club.

Abrams, an award-winning communications professional, is producing an anecdotal oral history CD featuring longtime Lanesborough residents; some were students at Lanesborough's Old Stone School, now a B&B. The CD will be available at Lanesborough's library and for sale to support 250th events.

Many townspeople are contributing time and talents in multiple ways for this special celebration. Bob Barton, for example, serves in six different positions: moderator of the 250th Committee's overall efforts; Communications Committee member; Memorabilia/Decorations Committee member; updating a book on the history of Lanesborough; spearheading the 250th Passport offering benefits at local shops and attractions; and heads the Fundraising Committee to contract sponsor. To assist in fundraising efforts, Mark and Stephanie Abrams are providing a seven-night stay in Ireland in four-and-five-star castles, manor houses, and chic hotels to be raffled with Abrams' critically acclaimed novel, RUMORS, to help defray costs associated with the June 2nd Gala Musical Dinner Celebration and support other 250th activities.

"We'll have The Young Wolfe Tones pull the raffle winner on June 2nd! I'm hoping people from Lanesborough, County Longford, Ireland, our Sister Town, will be present to celebrate with us!" Abrams concludes.

Abrams authored the critically acclaimed novel, RUMORS.

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