Law and Order - What Does the Chinese Communist Party Mean by Rule of Law?

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 2014 December issue of NewsChina magazine highlights the following headline topics

The Cover Story Legally Bound. The Party's decision to choose "rule of law" as the theme of its annual conference reflects important shifts in its approach toward economics, law and ideology.

Economy No Alchemy. Alibaba has made a splash on the NYSE – but will its success affect the reform agenda on the Chinese stock market?

Politics Fox Hunt. China has launched an international 'fox hunt' designed to snare fugitives from justice. However, given the authorities' limited ability to operate internationally and the sheer volume of cases, implementation has proven challenging.

Special Report Villains and Victims. China is asking why some citizens seem to be driven to commit horrific attacks against innocents, often without an apparent motive. Whatever the reasons, a consensus seems to be emerging as to how to resolve this social illness.

Society As Clean as a Chinese Official. A local public prosecutor's bold online disclosure of his private assets has drawn cautious public plaudits, but may have made him an enemy of his higher-ups.

International Deep-cover Diplomacy. An unusual visit to South Korea by North Korean officials alongside the disappearance of paramount leader Kim Jong-un has left diplomats and experts in the region puzzled over its strategic intentions.

Editorial China's 'new normal' will be a long-term phenomenon. This period will pose both opportunities and challenges for China and its leadership, as the central authorities are compelled to focus on getting China back on the track of healthy development.

Commentary A Great Deflation?. Wang Tao, chief economist with UBS Securities China, explains why China needs to worry about deflation.

Politics School's Out For Officials. A ban preventing government officials from attending executive training programs will likely put an end to classroom romances between officials and entrepreneurs.

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