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A computer mouse for your fingertips

Wearable 3-D mouse, Mycestro: First impression

Wearable tech is now being taken to new heights with a computer mouse that can be worn around your fingertip.

The Mycestro 3-D wearable mouse, which is about the size of a Bluetooth earpiece, can be operated by using gestures and thumb actions. It is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, including iPads, MacBooks, and any PC with a compatible Bluetooth USB dongle, which it comes with. A user can also control it from 30 feet away, according to Mycestro.

The device will stay inactive until the user touches or holds it anywhere on its side panel. A user also has the option to use a traditional mouse even with the Bluetooth USB dongle plugged in and when the wearable mouse is inactive.

The device, for $149, comes with a USB charging cable that can be plugged into a laptop so that it fully charges. A full charge takes about 2½ hours.

Users can also purchase the optional metal gift box for their Mycestro for $29.

CNBC’s Nirma Hasty

The Mycestro isn't the first of its kind. It will have to compete against similar devices such as the AirMouse and the ThumbTrack.