CCTV Script 02/12/14

-- This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 2, Tuesday.

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It's not just another Manic Monday in the U.S. - it's a Cyber Manic Monday.

U.S. retailers were under pressure as Black Friday sales failed to impress... they're now banking on early indicators of a Cyber Monday bounce.

Courtney Reagan has more from Frazeysburg, Ohio.

[PKG] Walmart says thanksgiving day marked its second biggest day ever for online sales behind last years cyber Monday.

[SOT: Neil M. Ashe / President & CEO of Global eCommerce, Wal-Mart] "We had a good Thursday. Friday, Saturday we had the best deals available for customers today so traffic's starting to build as the country wakes up and we're looking forward to hopefully a big day."

For retail the holiday season is a marathon and not a sprint especially for the fanatics associates here working behind me to ship 700,000 packages or 10 times average volume to day so when it comes to sales the only number that really matters is the tally at the end of the season when shopping lists are complete. For CNBC, I am Courtney Reagan in Frazeysburg, Ohio.

It is also the busiest time of the year for freight companies.

And this year, they will be battling with the weather to get packages on time to customers.

CNBC's Morgan Brennan reports on how shippers are ramping up to prevent disappointment.

[PKG] According to ShipMatrix, the growth in shipments the week of Cyber Monday has been slowing down. You can see that here, it's expected to slow down this week as well. And a lot of that has shifted to these last minute demand that will test shippers' networks. That's why too many packages missed their deliveries here last year in the states. And that's why shippers now expect their busiest days later in the month. So take a look at UPS, just 3 days before Christmas this year. And FedEx, 2 weeks later than its 2013 forecast. So to meet that demand, UPS and FedEx have poured hundreds and millions of dollars into their networks and US Postal Services is now making Sunday deliveries. But will that be enough? Well analysts do think so. The weather is always a wild card. ShipMatrix says shippers do seem better prepared for heavier volumes. Now that's based on improved on time delivery rates for the week of Thanksgiving. That's an early indicator. But take a look at shares of both FedEx and UPS for the last 12 months. With lower oil prices, both UPS and FedEx shares have been climbing recently. For that trend to continue, however, they've got to deliver those packages on time this holiday season. For CNBC business news, I am Morgan Brennan.

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