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CNL Healthcare Properties Acquires South Florida Medical Office Building

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Orlando, Fla., Dec. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CNL Healthcare Properties, a real estate investment trust (REIT)focused on senior housing and healthcare facilities, has acquiredthe Northwest Medical Park building, a 45,565-square-foot, Class A,multitenant medical office building in Margate, Florida, a suburbof Fort Lauderdale, for approximately $11.3 million.

Holladay Properties, one of the largest privately heldhealthcare property leasing and management companies in the UnitedStates, will manage and lease Northwest Medical Park for the REIT.The company currently manages 15 assets for CNL HealthcareProperties, including two medical office buildings in nearby CoralSprings.

Built in 2004, the Northwest Medical Park building is locatedadjacent to the Northwest Medical Center, a 223-bed hospitaloperated by HCA that features a new Heart and Vascular Institute,as well as a state-of-the-art interventional radiology room withendovascular capabilities. The medical office building is currently78 percent occupied with remaining vacant space subject to aperforming master lease. CNL Healthcare Properties and HolladayProperties are implementing a leasing strategy over the nextseveral years to boost the building's existing occupancy rate.

"Northwest Medical Park is a great fit for our growinghealthcare portfolio and we are delighted to have the opportunityto acquire it," said James Schmid, senior vice president of CNLHealthcare Properties. "As our existing healthcare facilitiesportfolio grows and matures, we intend to pursue select value addand development opportunities in addition to stabilizedacquisitions, and Northwest Medical Park is an example of such anopportunity which we believe will create value over time. We alsolook forward to expanding our presence in the South Florida marketwith Holladay Properties."

About CNL Healthcare Properties

CNL Healthcare Properties, Inc., is a real estate investmenttrust (REIT) that focuses on acquiring properties in the seniorhousing and healthcare sectors, both stabilized and development, aswell as other income-producing properties, real-estate relatedsecurities and loans. CNL Financial Group, LLC is the sponsor ofCNL Healthcare Properties. For more information, visit  

About CNL Financial Group

CNL Financial Group (CNL) is a leading private investmentmanagement firm providing global real estate and alternativeinvestments. Since inception in 1973, CNL and/or its affiliateshave formed or acquired companies with more than $29 billion inassets. CNL is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.  For moreinformation, visit

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