Illustrator Reignites Kids' Imaginations

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Dec. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Illustrator Kevin Meier is working hard to spark a movement of imagination through his creative new startup, Flint Books. As the name implies, Flint Books creates a spark for imaginations by using Kevin's illustrations as an opportunity for a child to create their unique story.

The holiday season offers a chance to find the one special gift that sparks a child's creativity beyond the limitations of technology. Flint Books provides children with the opportunity to move past computer autofill programs and create an original story that is unique to them.

"More often kids are being taught that there is a right way to think, one correct path from A to B, and that creativity is irrelevant." says Kevin Meier, creator of Flint Books. "I believe in imagination, and Flint Books encourages kids to chart their own course, and create their own, completely original, story from the first page to the last."

The first book in the soon-to-be series, launched just months ago and has already sold hundreds of copies, proving that parents and children alike are hungry for a reigniting of storytelling. Each 30 page book contains 10 dynamic illustrations but no story; the story is completely up to the one holding the book. Flint Books is the perfect gift this holiday season for those looking to help inspire creativity for children of all ages. To purchase Flint Books, visit

If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview with Kevin Meier, please contact Kevin at (916)719-1764 or via email at

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