Here's the real energy threat (Hint: not Saudi Arabia or OPEC)

I don't know about you, but I've been enjoying the bigger and bigger savings I've been getting at the gas pump lately.

Today's national average price for a gallon of gas is down to $2.76. That's 50 cents a gallon lower than a year ago and that saves me about $8 every fill-up.

But the sharp drop in crude oil prices that's responsible for those savings has a lot of financial experts worried. The doomsayers say oil is dropping too far, too fast and it could be a harbinger of a more serious economic crash to come. And many blame Saudi Arabia and OPEC, which just decided to not cut oil production to halt falling prices.

But the real energy threat is right there at home: Tree-hugging liberals.

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I'm not talking about the many companies and investors honestly sinking lots of money and work in to alternative energies like solar power. They are literally trying to succeed by building a better and cleaner mousetrap. I'm talking about the environmentalists who bill themselves as "progressive" but in reality are much more anarchistic and nihilistic, focused on tearing down the energy industry — oil, gas, coal and nuclear — without much thought (or science) as to what would be available as a replacement. And the recent drop in gas and oil prices is likely to set them into a higher gear of "tear it all down" mania.

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I'm talking about the people who protest every new well, every existing or proposed power plant, every fracking project, and every pipeline.

It's not important to them that the world needs more energy, not less.

It's not important to them that even the EPA admits there is no evidence that fracking causes environmental damage.

It's not important to them if this keeps up, big portions of this country could be plunged into the literal darkness caused by power outages and supply disruptions.

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It's not important to them that when supplies go down, prices go up and those higher prices hurt the poor most of all.

And for those of you who think that these efforts are all part of a justified move to solar power, think again.

First off, no one claims that we have anything close to the alternative energy capacity to replace the coal-, oil- and natural gas- reliant energy grid we have today. Second, everyone knows that even if we did have adequate replacement supplies, they would cost much, much more than what consumers pay now.

But just as telling is how the progressive movement responds to many of the major projects and expansion plans launched by the alternative energy companies themselves.

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That is starkly clear in California, where many of these same so-called environmental activists also continue to oppose plans for large solar farms. That opposition is supposedly based on concerns for snake and turtle habitats in the Mojave Desert, but I'm not so sure.

Taken as a whole, it's hard not to believe the goal of this progressive or green movement, (which is also diametrically opposed to agricultural innovations like GMO foods), is really to make life for humans on this planet a heck of a lot more uncomfortable. That means making us hotter in summer, colder in winter, and hungrier and thirstier all year round. So much so, that it truly seems like massive human population control and reduction is the real goal we're talking about here.

Think of these people like that group in the Batman movies, "The League of Shadows." Remember, those bad guys, led by Liam Neeson's character, aren't really interested in helping the downtrodden or make life easier for anyone per se. They just believe that every few centuries the world needs to burn up, shut down and start over. I don't really think there's a nefarious "League of Shadows" truly at work here, but some of their goals are frighteningly in line with the anti-energy industry progressives out there who truly seem to want to cast the civilized world into a shadowy new order without an electric light or nat-gas heated home to be found.

Here's the scariest part: They're winning.

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No, they haven't succeeded in cutting the world birth rate by shutting down the power and switching off the lights … yet. But here in the U.S., new nuclear power plant construction is still mostly blocked despite growing demand for electric power. We haven't built a new refinery with major output capacity in the U.S. since 1977. And do I even need to mention what's happened to the Keystone Pipeline?

It's almost a joke to speculate about the possible roadblocks to American energy expansion caused by price fluctuations when we have 40+ years of real roadblocks to that expansion right in front of us! No momentary price drop could stop a power-hungry nation from getting the power plants, refineries and pipelines it needs. But a loud, aggressive and celebrity-laden progressive movement has been getting just that done just fine since the 1970's.

The war for cheaper, cleaner and more plentiful energy can't be won until the good guys can at least identify who their enemies are.

Let's hope the industry and the financial news media catch on soon.

Commentary by Jake Novak, supervising producer of "Street Signs." Follow him on Twitter @jakejakeny.

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