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Why Cramer is reminded of his love for biotech

In a market that is infused with headwinds coming from China, Russia and Europe, there is always one group that Jim Cramer can count on: Biotech.

In fact, Cramer has been in a heated love affair with biotech for more than 30 years. While you don't get a rally from them every day, he thinks they are more reliable than any other group.

"Never stop loving biotech. That's been my mantra since the 1980s, and every day I thank my lucky stars that I haven't abandoned the concept or the stocks," the "Mad Money" host said.

Tuesday was one of those days that served as a reminder that the love is still in the air. Especially when Biogen Idec's stock soared on a positive Alzheimer's study that has improved cognition significantly in just 54 weeks, taking the drug right into Phase 3 testing.

This company was one of the first stocks the "Mad Money" host bought when Genentech, Amgen and Biogen basically invented the biotech genre.

File photo: Michael LeClair, left, and Kevin Fleurimond, in the manufacturing room of Biogen Idec.
Suzanne Kreiter | The Boston Globe | Getty Images

"When one of these stocks flies, the whole group tends to fly, in part because they are tightly correlated by moronic ETF's that take up the good with the bad. Fortunately, there are enough goods in the basket to overwhelm the bad."

That is why Cramer never minds when Regeneron and Celgene move up with whatever flavor of the day news is released. Though many think that these stocks are one-trick ponies, the reality is that they always seem to have something up their sleeves.

Regeneron is pumping out new formulations constantly, especially for cholesterol and asthma. Celgene is a breeding ground for treatments for psoriatic arthritis and cancers. It also has a stake in one of Cramer's faves, Agios Pharma, which is testing a formula to kill cancer cells without infusing the entire body with toxins.

Though Agios has had a huge run with gobs of profit taking, and it may already be late in the game, Cramer wouldn't be surprised if Celgene buys the 85 percent of Agios that it doesn't already own.

Another reminder of biotech love seen on Tuesday was a 12 percent gain for Avanir Pharmaceuticals on news that Japanese company Otsuka agreed to buy it for $3.5 billion. And that's a cherry on top of the 400 percent gain Avanir already clocked, year-to-date.

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"In an era when you are buffeted by cyclical headwinds … it's comforting to know that you can own a biotech and get hit with the kind of lightning that can make your year," Cramer said.

It won't happen every day, but the love shows up more often than most other angry cohorts, which is why Cramer thinks you should love biotech, too.

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