Lightning Round: Just pull the trigger on this!

It's that time again! Jim Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks, at a lightning speed pace:

Mastercard: "Don't just think, pull the trigger! That is one of the best stocks to own… Mastercard and Visa are going higher."

Trinity Industries: "Too controversial. Why? Because there is a question about whether people will order more rail cars and if they are not going to order more rail cars than Trinity is going to be stalled. I want to stay away."

Tesoro Corporation: "I like Tesoro, but it hasn't even come down."

Tesla: "That's one of the few cult stocks that I don't tend to address. I know people like Tesla because they like the car, but I am not a buyer of this stock but I'm never going to stand in the way of a cult stock.

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Immunogen: "It's time to own Celgene and Regeneron, and I cannot be more definitive about that situation."

Kinross Gold: "Way too down the food chain. That we like if we have to own individual stocks and not the ETF, is RandGold"

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