This Pizza Hut menu lets subconscious pick pizza

Stumped about what to order? Pizza Hut UK's new menu feature lets your inner thoughts make the process easier.

Yum Brands-owned Pizza Hut recently unveiled what it's touting as the world's first subconscious menu, developed in partnership with eye -tracking technology company Tobii Technology.

The new menu will be rolled out nationwide to every remodeled restaurant in the U.K.

"In terms of seeing it in the U.S., we are initially testing it in the U.K. but obviously believe it has broad appeal, especially as it relates to our menu expansion," said Yum spokesperson Doug Terfehr in an email.

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To get a subconscious pizza order, customers first follow a Pizza Hut logo on the screen so the technology can analyze eye movement.

Then, they look at a screen of 20 common pizza ingredients. In 2.5 seconds, the subconscious menu identifies which ingredients the user has been looking at longest and uses these and an algorithm to identify the perfect pizza from 4,896 possible combinations.

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The menu took six months to build and has returned positive results in 98 percent of people in testing.

If users aren't happy with what their subconscious wants, they can give it another go.

The new menu is part of a broad revamp for the chain that includes a widespread menu expansion.

The chain has experience sluggish growth in many regions, including the U.S. where same-store sales declined 2 percent last quarter; and developed international markets outside of China and India, where they fell 1 percent.