Unlike the Fast Beach 5:2 Diet, Diet Doc Encourages Their Clients to Lose Weight Without Reducing Their Caloric Intake to Potentially Dangerous Levels

MIAMI, Dec. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People throughout the country are searching for the fastest and best way to lose weight – the diet that will deliver fast weight loss in the least time – A diet plan that will easily and comfortably enable them to lose excess fat that has physically and emotionally restricted their life. Fortunately, Diet Doc's specially trained fast weight loss experts have developed diet plans that work for everyone. People of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes are turning to Diet Doc for their immediate and permanent weight loss needs.

Diet Doc promises no overnight fat cure or miracle weight loss potion, rather a medically supervised, healthy road to fast and permanent weight loss. While most diets, including the Fast Beach 5:2 diet, gain popularity initially, patients soon realize that weight loss is a science and only those educated in this science are capable of safely and successfully reaching their weight loss goals without health compromise. For this reason, Diet Doc updated their diet plans to include meal plans that are unique to each patient's personal lifestyle, nutritional and medical needs.

Many diets, including the Fast Beach 5:2 diet, encourage "intermittent fasting" with radical changes in dietary habits and caloric consumption. The Fast Beach 5:2 diet, for example, restricts caloric intake to 600 calories per day for men, while women are restricted to 500 calories. Clients are encouraged to skip meals if necessary, tricking the brain into believing that the body is starving. And while patients may realize initial weight loss, it is typically temporary and this dangerously low caloric intake is very likely to cause muscle and hair loss, as well as extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

Diet Doc focuses on keeping the body operating at optimal capacity with diet plans that incorporate healthy food choices that, when combined with their prescription diet products, force stored fat into the bloodstream to be burned for energy. Fat melts from the hard to reach areas at an amazing pace without nagging food cravings, between meal hunger or loss of energy.

Unlike many diets, including the Fast Beach 5:2 diet, the Diet Doc team spends time to get to know each patient. A personal, online consultation with one of the company's highly trained doctors enables them to identify hormonal imbalances, sluggish organs or cellular toxicity to uncover the real reason for weight gain, thus allowing customized diet plans to be created that will generate the safest and fastest weight loss possible based on each patient's individual needs.

Those of all shapes and sizes are urged to call today to schedule a personal consultation.

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