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'Incredible craze' over new bourbon: Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark 'Cask Strength' craze
Maker's Mark 'Cask Strength' craze

Maker's Mark is making a new limited bourbon that has a higher alcohol content and it is causing an "incredible craze … like nothing we've ever experienced," chairman emeritus Bill Samuels Jr. told CNBC Wednesday.

It is called "Cask Strength," and it varies between approximately 108 and 114 proof.

"High-proof alcohol takes a little adjusting too but this stuff is amazingly approachable," Samuels said in an interview with "Closing Bell."

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The response has been amazing, he added, and is really part of an overall trend that's emerging in the restaurant and beverage industry.

"The American people are starting to enjoy and appreciate flavor and not just in spirits. It's good for us, and not so good for vodka. Not so good for white wine, good for red wine. And really good for restaurants that aren't chains," he said.

"It's about craft, it's about tradition, it's about good taste."

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