Lightning Round: Shedding tears over Google

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Chicago Bridge & Iron: "These are infrastructure plays ... They are levered to big projects that are going to be put up by oil and gas companies, which therefore means don't buy. Sorry."

Zynga: "It's got a lot of cash. You can hold it for a while and I understand the painful nature of it, but I am telling you that I think you should issue a $2 call on a change in management because the guy who is running it is actually not that bad. That's the kind of call option that I don't mind."

Yamana Gold: "Yamana is a gold company that I don't want to touch."

Google: "Google class A shares are absolutely horrible ... We actually shed tears that Google isn't doing anything. But anyone taking a 2015 perspective knows that I do not want to lose it and I want to buy Google."

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Main Street Capital: "It's too opaque situation. When they do that kind of financing and I can't really get my arms around it. I've got enough problems with the banks that I own already, I don't need to fool around with these."

SolarCity: "I think Solarcity is a very interesting situation, because I believe there are 50 million roofs in this country that could be susceptible to having a solar panel and that would be great for Solarcity. That said, this is speculative. Netflix, Tesla, Amazon, Solarcity are four stocks that are not bound by the four walls of the spreadsheet, and you are on your own if you do buy them."

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