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Oops! Amazon sent this man $5K of free stuff

The holidays came early for one South London engineering student.

Amazon accidentally sent 51 packages worth about $5,600 to one University of Liverpool student's home, the Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Warehouse operator GLP counts online retailers such as Amazon as its clients.
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After alerting Amazon to the mix-up, the online retailer told the student, Robert Quinn, he could keep the stuff, saying "'it's on us." The diverse haul includes a 55-inch Samsung 3D TV, leaf blower and ironing board.

Quinn says he's still receiving packages so he's doesn't think the error has been fixed, but an Amazon spokesperson assured the Telegraph it's been resolved.

So what is Quinn planning to do with his new windfall?

He says he plans to "give some of the gifts away as Christmas presents, give some to charity and sell some back to Amazon in order to earn some money to put towards a cannabis grinder he is designing."

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