CCTV Script 04/12/14

– This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 4, Thursday.

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Brand It Like Beckham.

David Beckham and American idol creator Simon Fuller are teaming up with Global Brands to create international brands around sports and entertainment celebrities.

Susan Li caught up with Global Brands CEO Bruce Rockowitz and the football legend, and asked what the new Beckham label means for his current sponsorships commitments.

David Beckham, Football Legend: "I have long relationships with sponsorships... I still have ... I ave been with Adidas for 19 years and i have whisky and H and M ... So these are the long term deals that will continue."

Susan Li: "They will continue? Now that you are the competitor with H and M..."

David Beckham, Football Legend: "They will continue but obviously we are going to be very hands on as to who we actually bring on, and what brands we are going into. it will be about improving those brands, not about competing, even though we want to be the best. Myself, Bruce, Global Brands competing with someone that I'm already involved in you know there's no sense in that. We'll be very careful with them."

Susan Li: "You're getting into all spectrum. You mentioned electronics."

Bruce Rockowitz, CEO, Global Brands Group: "Really we're looking into all consumer products and we are not limiting. So it really is a global deal, it's not limited. And when you talk about you know, David's endorsements, it doesn't preclude us doing a deal with one of the people he's already with and creating a brand together. So everything is on the table..."

Susan Li: "That's interesting."

Bruce Rockowitz, CEO, Global Brands Group: "There are many things we're thinking about, planning, it'd say watch this space, I'd say it's pretty exciting. You got one of the largest brand companies in the world, with arguably, and I would say probably the most iconic person in sports as well as fashion out there, and you have Simon Fuller, who you know, has created some of the greatest TV programs ever."

Susan Li: "When you mentioned electronics people are thinking is there gonna be a David Beckham phone... or watch or..."

David Beckham, Football Legend: "I think we really have to clarify, this is like I said, this is about me stepping away from those things. There maybe the odd thing, it's about me Gruce, GBG, Simon Fuller, creating something for other brands, other icons and that's what's its about. It's not about okay David Beckham watches, bed sheets, socks candles, it's about a bigger picture."

I'm Chen Qian, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters.

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