Girl Scout troops sought online cookie sales: CEO

The idea to sell Girl Scout Cookies online came from the troops that sell them, Anna Maria Chavez, Girl Scouts of America CEO, told CNBC on Thursday.

"Girls are digital natives. They have technology, iPads, laptops in their classrooms, so they said, let's get this program to people who want our cookies," Chavez said in "Squawk Box" interview.

The Girl Scouts of America announced on Monday that it would roll out a national e-commerce platform, allowing its members to sell on the Web for the first time ever.

Cookie selling has taught girls business skills for decades, said Chavez, but the main challenge to selling more of the iconic snacks is an inability to reach customers.

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The organization will now support an app that alerts potential buyers to the nearest physical cookie booth. Pint-sized sellers can also email a link to their sales page to friends and family. They will be able to submit orders directly to bakers, who will then ship cookies to customers.

Chavez stressed that girls can only send their links to people they know, and the whole process will take place under the supervision of the their parents and guardians.

"There is a safety factor to this. We want to ensure that girls are learning these skills online in a safe way," she said.