Profil Technology unveils its innovative video streaming analysis and filtering technology

PARIS, Dec. 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Profil Technology, the company specialized in developing, publishing and distributing information security solutions, exclusive publisher of Egedian and Witigo brands, introduces VISIA Technology (Video, Streaming and Image Analysis), its very latest technology for detecting, analyzing, classifying and filtering pornographic images and videos in real-time.

Developed in-house by Profil Technology's own Research and Development department, VISIA Technology has many applications in social media, sharing and online storage platforms, and with internet access providers, security software publishers and appliance manufacturers (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

"Selfies, sex tapes, sexting, revenge porn, stars' stolen nude photos: the volume of pornographic multimedia content online is increasing exponentially with the spread of social networks and smartphones, amongst other things. It has become simply insufficient, unrealistic even, to categorize things manually or by analyzing titles and descriptions" explains Eric Gaudin, Profil Technology's project manager. As an expert in information system security and in filtering digital content, we are developing innovative technologies aimed, amongst other things, at protecting the privacy and the reputation of internet users and at protecting them from aggressive, unsolicited content."


Profil Technology is an innovator in the global marketplace for image and video filtering, unveiling its VISIA technology, able to perform real-time analysis of streaming videos and to detect the presence of nudity and pornography. The technology also refines the balance between the level of detection and the over-detection error rate depending on the application (e.g. in a family context, people will choose an extremely high level of detection to ensure total protection, whereas in a professional context, the over-blocking rate will be low to prevent any impact on productivity).

This intelligent technology displays great efficiency and excellent execution speed for analyzing streaming content. It is also able to detect pornographic images and videos in any kind of digital storage device.

It is multi-platform and can thus be deployed on all major operating systems, desktops and servers alike.

"To develop this innovative technology, we formed an in-house team around our researchers specialised in video processing and analysis, and our experienced developers," says Nabila Berkane, chief executive officer and co-founder of Profil Technology. "We also harnessed the expertise of government laboratories and statisticians. Thanks to its innovative nature, our project enjoyed the backing of Bpifrance."


There has been an explosion in the number of images and videos on the internet in recent years: every day, nearly 2 billion photos are posted on social networks1 and every minute some 100 hours of video are put online on YouTube2. While most of this is desirable for obvious commercial reasons and fuelled by changing modes of communication, this explosion greatly complicates the job of publishers of social networks, sharing platforms and online image and video storage platforms, who find it increasingly difficult to quickly and efficiently sort through content posted by web users.

This new technology should thus interest operators who, more than ever, need to ensure compliance with their publishing policy with regard to nudity, sexual or pornographic content.

This technology is based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and can be applied to many fields. The company's researchers and developers already plan to widen the engine for analysing pornographic images and videos to encompass other categories such as weapons, smoking, alcohol, etc.

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