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This energy stock gets the Cramer blessing

Cramer blesses one energy stock

In a world where the and Nasdaq are up double digits this year, did you know that Google is actually down 3 percent? Jim Cramer did.

In fact, Amazon is down 20 percent and Netflix is also down 5 percent. Just one year ago, these three stocks were the most popular kids in school.

What happened? Competition is what happened. There is competition in both the company and the stock, leaving these stocks to a world of pain.

Cramer suspects Google is sick and tired of being the uncool kid in school, and will deliver a number that Wall Street might like next quarter. That is why his charitable trust hangs on to it.

"But the bottom line on Amazon and Netflix? They don't seem to care at all, and in the supermarket of stocks that means they aren't able to keep up with the competition. Therefore, I just can't be crazy about those two stocks," added Cramer.

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With all of this competition online, who can really survive the de-mallification of America?

The retailers with the most bells and whistles and entertainment value will, according to Jim Cramer. That might sound like a silly way to judge a stock, but is actually quite necessary if you want a consumer to get in their car, deal with the hassle of parking at the mall and then go shopping.

Retailers have to really pull out all the entertainment stops to make shopping fun, and the few stores that are doing that are reaping benefits in their stock price.

Cramer visited the maker of UGG Boots store this week, Deckers Outdoor, and was truly blown away at what he saw in their downtown Manhattan location. He was also amazed with what Under Armour has done in their SoHo location. Both featured a three-dimensional shopping experience, which made it thrilling to see their showcase of products.

"In the end, I like entertainment and so do you or you wouldn't be watching this show," he said. "And you can't get that entertainment from Amazon."

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The entrance for the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm in British Columbia, Canada.
Ben Nelms | Reuters

The retailers might be ramping up for the holidays, but energy stocks now come with a warning sign of their own. In fact, the oil market is getting slicker every day. Could there really be any energy companies worth owning anymore?

"Here's my answer: Of course some energy companies are worth buying here, you just need to find the ones that have little to no commodity exposure and don't really feel the pain of lower oil," the "Mad Money" host said.

One pipeline play that has been a longtime favorite of Cramer is Kinder Morgan Incorporated. This stock has not taken as much of a hit from crude as some of the other players in the oil patch and even features a great dividend and growth prospect.

So how could the largest pipeline network in North America be totally insulated from falling oil prices? This company basically acts as a toll-road operator, and they collect a fee for the volume of oil that they transport. That fee does not change, regardless of the price of oil and gas. Thus, the collapse in oil should not send investors running away from the stock.

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Salesman Jerry Holsman works with Erich Spin, left, and Anna Zatta at the Toyota of Deerfield dealership, in Deerfield Beach, Fla., Oct. 2, 2014.
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With fabulous automobile sales numbers reported this week, Cramer took the time to speak with the CEO of Dealertrack Technologies, Mark O'Neil. This company just acquired and now has the software platform to provide car dealerships with various options for dealer management solutions.

It also operates a huge credit application and lending network that helps to finance 45 percent of all cars purchased in the United States, as well as provide vehicle electronic registration, title and lien services. Anyone who has spent hours waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles knows how valuable this service can be.

With Dealertrack deeply embedded into the car dealership process, Cramer thinks it could be the best pulse for how well cars are selling. Three months ago hedge funds anticipated that we were at peak auto sales in this country. Was that correct?

"That's not true. We had a terrific November sales number and year to date it looks like we are going to run about 16.5 million new units. If we look forward, we think that's setting us up for a 17 million new car next year, and perhaps even greater than that beyond it," O'Neil said, "Even more interestingly, if we look at late 2015-16 we think new franchise car dealers are going to be selling more used cars than new cars."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to speculate on the stocks with the most buzz when he gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Duke Realty: "It's a slow grower but it's a real good company. I want you to hold on to it."

GoPro: "I think GoPro is having a very big holiday season, but they did that secondary and it's been knocking around and the charts are all over the place. If I want to do it, I would be deep in the money calls to cut off my risk."

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