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What Amazon can't give you this holiday season

Cramer: Who's winning in retail
Cramer: Who's winning in retail

Who can really survive the de-mallification of America, as online shopping becomes king?

The retailers with the most bells and whistles and entertainment value will, according to Jim Cramer. That might sound like a silly way to judge a stock, but is actually quite necessary if you want a consumer to get in their car, deal with the hassle of parking at the mall and then go shopping.

Retailers have to really pull out all the entertainment stops to make shopping fun, and the few stores that are doing that are reaping benefits in their stock price.

The first is Starbucks. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery opens Friday, which is Howard Schultz's Willy Wonka-inspired cathedral of coffee. No wonder the stock hit an all-time high on Thursday.

An employee loads merchandise into a box at the company's fulfillment center in Tracy, Calif., Nov. 30, 2014.
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Or how about Restoration Hardware? "I call CEO Gary Friedman the impresario of retail because his stores are Broadway shows thrown in beautiful museums, as you can see from the just opened Buckhead store near Atlanta- this thing looks like a palace," Cramer added. Though this stock is not at an all-time high like Starbucks, it could be a good long-term play.

Then there is Costco's amazing 9 percent same-store sales growth last quarter, when investors only expected half of that. There's something for everyone in that store.

Cramer visited the maker of UGG Boots store this week, Deckers Outdoor Corp, and was truly blown away at what he saw in their downtown Manhattan location. He was also amazed with what Under Armour has done in their SoHo location. Both featured a three-dimensional shopping experience, which made it thrilling to see their showcase of products.

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"In the end, I like entertainment and so do you or you wouldn't be watching this show. And you can't get that entertainment from Amazon."

You can get it from the stores, which is why these stocks are the gifts that keep on giving for the holidays.

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