Does Stress Cause Weight Gain? Diet Doc Reveals the New Answer to the Old Question

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is widely known that stress hormones stimulate cravings for sugary, starchy and fatty foods. This is the reason why many reach for a sweet treat during stressful situations. Many ask, does stress cause weight gain, and the answer is clearly, yes it does. Not only does stress cause weight gain, but it can lead to numerous very serious and significant medical issues, including heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Everyone has a certain level of stress in their life, but how does stress cause weight gain? New research, performed at the Ohio State University College of Medicine and published in Biological Psychiatry, finds the link between stress and weight gain far more complex than simply making unhealthy food choices, correlating stress to changes in the metabolism, increased insulin levels and decreased fat oxidation.

Cortisol, also known as the fight or flight hormone, regulates blood sugar and appetite. Elevated levels of this hormone encourage overeating. When the mind and body are stressed, cortisol is released into the bloodstream at higher levels leading to weight gain. Diet Doc helps their patients lose weight and end the cycle of stress-related weight gain by identifying stressors, finding an adequate release, encouraging sufficient sleep and following a medically guided diet plan.

Diet Doc understands that busy lifestyles and time constraints lead many to turn to high calorie, processed fast foods. Many may even skip meals completely only to find themselves overindulging later in the day. For this reason, Diet Doc developed their diet plans that are easy to follow and customized to be compatible with each patient's lifestyle. Qualified patients may choose to enhance their tailor made meal and snack plans with Diet Doc's prescription hormone diet treatments and exclusive diet pills to accelerate weight loss while also curbing the temptation to reach for sugary, high fat foods during times of stress.

Although Diet Doc cannot eliminate stress from one's life, they do help their patients lose stress-related excess weight while teaching them how to make healthy lifestyle changes and reducing stressors that lead to unwanted weight gain.

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