It's party time for the market until 2015!

Next week's game plan: Agios & United Tech

Jim Cramer thinks the market has either forgotten, or doesn't know the meaning of the word quit! Especially with the Dow closing at 17,958, at 2,075 and Nasdaq at 4,780.

"Holy cow! When I got in this racket the Dow was at 800! And to think that I was told we would never get to 1,000 in my lifetime back then. Wrong!" the "Mad Money" host said.

Typically when you have great news for the U.S. economy—such as Friday when it was announced that the country created 321,000 jobs—there is a quick burst in the averages and then they slide back down as investors fear that the Federal Reserve is about to raise rates. Instead, there was another rotation out of high yield and defensive stocks and into banks and companies that benefit from low oil prices.

Now that the employment numbers have been announced, the market is finally free of the last bad event on the calendar for the year. It's time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Yes, Cramer knows there are still a few larger events that could arise. There are a few Republicans looking for a fight that could hurt business, and Vladimir Putin could peek his head into the market when we least expect it to stir trouble.

"Only a brain dead investor would decide that we don't have to worry about being blindsided by world events, particularly when the Russian bear, Vlad Putin, wants to export his ursine ways to any country's stock market that will take them."

Otherwise, it's clear sailing until the end of the year. So it's time to have positive chatter and highlight opportunities for the upcoming week:

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First is the American Society of Hematology webcast that investors will be watching for Agios Pharmaceuticals and Amgen. Cramer thinks the bulls will present on these two stocks and highlight that it's not too late to buy, though he has his limits on what he is willing to pay for Agios considering that it is up 346 percent for the year.

Dover: Then there is the defense of Dover. This is a great industrial stock that was downgraded due to its exposure in the oil patch. Cramer sees opportunity knocking on this one.

AutoZone: Four times a year, AutoZone reports. Four times a year it disappoints. Then four times a year Cramer suggests buying AutoZone because the company will buy into its own stock on weakness. Then four times a year investors make money. This is one of those times: Cramer says to buy AutoZone on the decline.

Costco: As this stock has already had a huge run, Cramer recommends to stay on the sidelines and hope for a pullback on this one. Look for any weakness.

Sears: Though it made a mistake by selling its best asset, Lands' End, and kept its worst assets Sears and Kmart—Cramer still likes this company. "This company's on the way to rebuilding its franchise and it's a keeper."

Restoration Hardware: Cramer thinks it's worth owning ahead of the quarter.

Thursday: Most exciting day of the week for corporate news
United Technologies: It's investor day. Lamenting on the recent departure of its CEO, Cramer suspects this will be one heck of a meeting.

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Cardinal Health: Cramer wants his fans to make money, and though there is always risk, he has a recommendation for this stock. "If you see a break in the stock of Cardinal Health any time between now and Friday, then go buy some of this. One of the troika of great health-care companies of our time, including AmerisourceBergen and McKesson."

So with the big bad payroll wolf out of the way for this year, it looks like the market can relax for now. "Remember though, the market doesn't care good or bad, it just wants it to be put paid so investors can party on Ski Daddy. And that's exactly what I'm predicting will happen from now until 2015."

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