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KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Dec. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- COR5, a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)-based behavioral assessments company, launched today according to Paul Strasser, CEO and Co-Founder. COR5 is the only on-line profiling solution for evaluating job candidates and high potential employees that goes beyond assessing behavioral style (i.e. DISC, Meyers Briggs). "Our first applications 'Effective Hiring' and 'High Potential Assessment' have successfully profiled 100 positions so that identifying the right person for the job has never been easier," said Strasser.

In the coming months COR5 will introduce applications that focus on selling, followed by tools for self-improvement on the personal level. New Sales Tools will help companies to build a more powerful sales force by enabling individual sales people to assess their own strength and weaknesses within the sales process as well as profile potential customers to better understand the best way to sell to that person.

With COR5, the user gets access to a suite of superior products, which feature a variety of assessment tools. Despite the wider variety of tools and more assessments than leading competitors' offerings, COR5's services cost less.

COR5's five distinct models (behavioral style, values, interests, capabilities, and adaptability) guide human resources professionals, recruiters, managers and business owners in hiring and/or promoting the right person. These first five products (for the workplace) were developed based on proven behavioral models designed and tested by internationally recognized thought-leader, author and co-founder Dr. Michael O'Connor. "After eight years of collaboration, we joined forces with Dr. O'Connor, bringing his lifelong dedication to increased satisfaction and performance to a broader audience," said Strasser; "COR5 was born."

"COR5 provides a powerful 'tool kit' that we can all capitalize on in both our personal and professional lives on our own terms so that we can experience sustained success and growth," said Dr. O'Connor. "And for all organizations, whether in the private or public sector, large or small, it provides the same benefits," he said.

Dr. O'Connor's research shows that "no more than two percent of an organization's workforce at any level is totally aligned with its performance expectations' for optimal success – and this two percent (even though recognized by others as key performers) continue to believe they can continue to improve. Similarly management studies over the years have shown that only five percent operate at a 'peak performance' level." COR5 is designed to operate at a much higher and sustained level over time.

A System that Leads to Satisfaction

"Imagine what using the insights provided by the COR5 tool kit can mean to yourself, your employees and your bottom line," said O'Connor.

The current COR5 tool kit includes the following applications:

  • Your COR5 Profile, allows users to gain insights into how they perform and why they operate the way that they do. Getting a better understanding of one's self allows people to be more successful.
  • Effective Hiring, increases the probability of hiring strong performers by identifying which candidates are best for a position which helps save time and money. This application also helps you onboard employees by understanding their strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Job Profiling, to identify the right talent for your organization, the first step is to better define what leads to successful performance for a specific position. Whether hiring from outside or promoting within, the job profiling application helps identify the key characteristics that lead to success. It can also guide your assessment of others using the COR5 system as well as guide the actual interviewing or coaching processes.
  • High Potential Assessment, helps identify those already in your organization who are ready for advancement and how to get them there.

To get a better sense of how the assessments work users can get a free personal profile at The new Sales applications are expected to launch in December of 2014.

COR5, headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, provides Software-as-a -Service (SAAS)-based psychometric assessments of behavioral style, values, interests, capabilities and adaptability for self-evaluation, evaluating job candidates and high potential employees. It is the only online solution that goes beyond assessing behavioral style. COR5 assessment models are based on scientifically developed behavioral models designed and tested by internationally recognized thought-leader, author and co-founder Dr. Michael O'Connor. A free personal profile is available at COR5 is a privately-held company. The Science of a Better You.

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