Phantom Fiber Corporation Commences Restructuring Plan

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phantom Fiber Corporation (OTC Mkts:PHFB), (hereinafter, the "Company" or "Phantom Fiber") has filed a private placement memorandum with for $6 million to initiate and pursue its immediate goals.

In July 2014, Phantom Fiber acquired Intelagy Corp. ("hereinafter, "Intelagy"). Intelagy is in the forefront of developing business solution technology that enables small to midsized business owners to operate more efficiently. Intelagy cutting edge solutions address the needs of business operators in the areas of customer engagement, marketing, printing, telecom, alternative financing, traditional, mobile and ecommerce payment solutions. Phantom Fiber is positioning itself to effectively deliver to businesses in retail, web and mobile-based environments.

In November 2014, Phantom Fiber executed three letters of intent for acquisitions. The target companies are operating businesses in the printing, alternative financing and technology sectors. These potential acquisitions shall further streamline and expand company products and services. Phantom Fiber's management expects to acquire additional operations to complement its underlying business which will broaden its customer base and strengthen its bottom line.

Further, Phantom Fiber has restructured into the financial service and technology sectors. Recently, the Company elected key personnel such as, Frank Cristaudo-CIO, Michael Boguslavskiy-CTO, Philip Kempisty-CFO, Daniel Martin-Marketing Director and Lawrence McQuade-Sr. Business Advisor. "Upon the partial completion of our restructure, as we grow the company we will appoint additional staff to support our growth," stated Kevin Kading, CEO. For more:

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